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I grew up in a Methodist church attending youth groups for the majority of my worship. I went to many youth mission trips and enjoyed working with the community in efforts of making the quality of life better. The quality of my life was then interupted durin my late middle school and highschool years. Although I still had faith my journey with christ was was very disinant. After graduating highschool and going out on my own, I was faced with many challenges and some of them taking me past the breaking point, challenging the way that I used to live. This is the point at which I had a complete lifestyle change and my life was changed for me, for God, and for the better. I know worship regularly and play on the Muisc Team at my church's worship on Sundays. I now am in college studdying Criminal Justice trying to become a State Trooper and hope to move BACK out of my parents house again by the year 2015

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