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It is Thursday morning. I’m sitting in a buzzing office at my desk in a sea of cubicles. I won’t see the sun until I leave the building for lunch or at the end of the day. My nail-beds are still dirty from our harvest on Monday at the farm. And looking down at my [...]

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So what’s next?

This entry was originally written on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 22 while I was waiting in the airport. What can I say to sum up my experience in Oxnard? As I prepare to head home, I’m recalling the theme, or driving question, of a conversation I had with Holly last night, and which I [...]

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The Garden

My Urban Pilgramage. The Garden. Watching the documentary of The Garden, in LA, I felt an anger that most people seem ill equipped to handle.  We are given anger management, and given ways, and reasons to look at the bright side of things. I see no bright side, nor do I wish to delude my [...]

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